Creativity comes from a place of no thought–total absorption in the act of doing without planning or contemplation. Time stops, worries vanish and you float freely in the creative flow.

The fun of intuitive painting is in allowing creativity to flow–from your heart and soul–without thought of what the finished painting will look like. 

These are some of my recent intuitive paintings. They are done withouta plan, technique or story. They spring from my brush as a surpirse and paint themselves.


 The thrill of awakening to the unexpected pictures of real and fantasy worlds is like finding a key to a secret treasure left on your pillow 

 When color and form are allowed to spontaneously express ideas and emotions, one never knows what will awaken out of the empty space.

Creativity paints things in ways one can't imagine, are not logical or even explainable but they are always good and true.

 I look to the painting to tell me what it wants done. When I have no ideas, I back away and stare at it until it comes to me, as if the characters in the painting plant their desires in my head.