I begin each work by choosing an acrylic color and painting it on either paper or canvas in an abstract gesture. Slowly, as layer upon layer of color is added, the intention and meaning of the painting presents itself out of the randomness. Often brightly colored figures arise, bubbling with enthusiasm and defying gravity or proper proportion. These forms appear to be an innocent exploration but are actually imbued with social or political undercurrents.


Recently, the focus of my creativity has been a less fanciful and more provocative series of portraits of women, couples and families. The style and attitude of these personalities evolve right on the canvas until ultimately the lines, shapes and colors meld together as one cohesive expression. My work is inspired by everyday relationships and life-their delights, foibles and dramas. The figures in my paintings display their emotions–expressing universal interconnections between people and people and their environments.


My specialties include: custom ordered family/friends/pets portraits, enhanced and personalized prints and cards and illustrated gift books.